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Pre-List Inspection

More often than not, a buyer will be the one scheduling a general home inspection to make sure the property meets their standards before continuing with the purchase of the home. In many cases however, it can be incredibly beneficial for a seller to have a pre-listing inspection done. 


What is a pre listing inspection?


A pre listing inspection is when the owner of the property has a general home inspection done before the house is put on the market. 


How does a home inspection help the sale of the home?


A pre-listing inspection can save a ton of time and money making the transaction easier and faster for everyone involved. Using the latest tools and technology available, Cosmos Inspections does an examination of the homes major structure, systems and components that are visible and safety accessible.


We will then deliver a written report with HD photos of the inspectors’s findings and recommendations based on InterNACHI's Standards of Practice.


In recent years, more and more sellers have opted to get this inspection because it offers insight into issues with he home that could potential cause delays and roadblocks during the transaction. 

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What do do with the inspection report?


Once the report is delivered, any material issues with the home now legally must be disclosed to the buyer so our recommendation is just to have it readily available to the potential buyers. 


If the seller repairs any of the items on the inspection report have those receipts available as well, showing effort was put into the home to make sure it was the best it could be for the sale. 


Will the buyer still need an inspection themselves?


It depends on the buyer but sometimes they will still opt into getting their own inspection done on the home. It is normal for the new inspector find minor items that were not found during the the initial inspection but almost never anything of consequence. 


A pre-listing inspection is a great tool when preparing your home for sale. It can give you insight into potential roadblocks and delays saving you time, money, and headaches during the transaction. 

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